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About us:
<Vanguard> is a progression and speed-run oriented Horde guild based on a core from Emerald Dream and Kronos (K1) where we achieved top quality and impressive PvE feats. Our biggest achievements on Kronos 1 include world boss domination, server first Kel'Thuzad kill, server fastest Naxx, fastest BWL clear on any vanilla server, set during BWL era, fastest full AQ clear on any vanilla server, set during AQ era, fastest MC clear on any vanilla server.

We have chosen to continue our journey on K3, this time as horde, in order to beat all our records and achieve much more than we have in the past.

Our guild is built around a well-performing core of hardcore players which we wish to expand with like-minded people who are competitive and care about getting maximum performance in PvE and always strive to find ways to improve it. We are recruiting all individuals who are skilled and active players who wish to raid vanilla content.

We raid on Thursdays and Sundays at 19:00 server time (until 23:00 if needed). Please click the apply link on the left in order to join our guild.
Threewords / Feb 02, 2018

After everything that we have achieved on the original Kronos realm, and with the long absence of Kronos TBC, &lt;Vanguard&gt; is coming to Kronos 3. We plan to push our limits further than we could before as Alliance, and achieve many more result...